Life: An exposition



Every individual in this world has their own stories to tell. Unique and wonderful in its own simple ways. For more that seven billion human beings existing, our lives are linked with one another, creating a web that binds every person in a bizarre cycle called Life.

Life is not easy.
Definitely a YES! Life is like a ripple in a pond where even the  smallest  drop creates a bigger effect. Everyday we face different problems that affect ourselves and the people around us. A help from stranger can mean different things to different individuals. It is a matter of how a person’s mind work based on his  experiences which shaped his personality and how he percieve the world.

Life is a sacrifice.
Sacrificing something for someone’s sake is a part of life. May that be as simple as offering your seat to an elderly person in a bus to a much more greater one like sacrificing your lifelong dream for your family. Sacrifice is a part of life. A student would sacrifice his time for sleeping in order to pass his subjects. A police asset will gamble his life in order to help the police capture criminals so that at the end of the day, he can bring food for his family. A child may sacrifice his education to help work in the fields. Or a mother may sacrifice her time with her child in order to work overseas and send money to sustain her child’s needs. Life is not just about yourself being happy. It is, by will, making others happy.

Life is a crossroad.
In a certain point in our Life, there will be someone who will make or break us. Unknowingly or not, every person we meet will have a part in our life and ours to them. We meet someone because they will deliver an important lesson to us. Take my uncle as an example. My uncle was married to my aunt (my mother’s cousin) for a decade now and for the past 10 years, just a mere “Hi” and “Hello” was fine until one day, I started to make a sensible conversation with him while everyone was chatting outside their house. Kind of aloof if you’ll meet him first but is very approachable. One thing I like about him is his sense of humor hidden in his witty remarks which never cease to amaze me. He taught me that I must never trap myself in my own world. Get out of the box and explore the world we are living in.To make the long story short, people we meet does not affect you as soon as you meet them. It took me ten years to realize what my uncle’s role to me is all about.
We may first meet in the primary intersection of Life and drove off to different paths but by the end of the day, we obliviously met again in the next intersection of Life.

This is how I understand the word Life. Although it may change as time goes by, I am very much overwhelmed that starting right now, I am slowing giving my life a meaning rather than wasting it.

How about you?

What happens when your New Year’s resolution is “Draw More”?

Myfanwy Tristram

My new year’s resolution for 2014 was a fairly complex one, but in essence it boiled down to two words:

draw more.

…and it has felt like I’ve drawn a lot this year. Not as much as someone who doesn’t have a day-job and a child, of course, but a steady stream of stuff nonetheless.

Some of it I was pleased with. Some of it I was not – and I’ve learned to call that stuff part of the learning process, rather than a failure.


It was my husband’s birthday and I made him this card:

Dude birthday by Myfanwy Tristram


February first is Hourly Comics Day! I entered into the spirit of things, and tried not to care about putting out unpolished work – after all, that’s what it’s all about.


I’m quite looking forward to the next one already – and let’s face it, February is not usually…

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Life Stories: All about Me


Hi! Welcome to my blog! This is my first blog to be exact so i’m gonna give you a short background  about me.
My name is Carryl Joy Balinas, 17 years old. My hobbies include drawing, painting, and photography.

My blog is all about the real happenings around me. Although I can only update my blog occasionally due to hectic schedules, I’ll try my very best to update it always.


This is me:D

Currently, I am a freshman student at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos taking up B.S Medical Technology:D


With my Dad during the first day I wore my uniform

Taking Med Tech isn’t really my first choice since I really like to draw very much. But now, I have come to enjoy being a MedTech student although the pressure is still present especially when exams are approaching.


View from the classroom.

The University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos is a Catholic School run by the Augustinian Recollect priests. I decided to enrol in here since it is convenient for me because the terminal of jeepneys is just a walking distance. It is a one hour ride from my house to the city and I endure it everyday. I don’t like to board because I don’t like having boardmates. Frankly speaking, I am a solitary type of person and I prefer to be alone most of the time. Talk about an introvert to be exact.

So to describe myself, I am a nice person. I like to read good books, draw cartoons, and taking photos of the things around me.

Well, I guess this will be all at the moment😁

’till the next blog entry!